One client I've loved working with is Mel Nicholls. She has such a great attitude and just great to be around. Pink Sky has been in charge of all sorts of branding for Mel. As of writing this they're working hard on Mels new website. In the studio I've been charged with a few things but two I'd like to talk about here is a series of logos and her custom crutches. 
Firstly her logos. I was asked to created a series of identities that would represent the different aspects of Mels adventures. Starting with Dream Big, which is a slogan long held by Mel, that would represent her sporting career. Beyond Barriers that heads up her initiatives to help people push beyond their barriers. And lastly her campervan Luna. Each featuring her recognisable Pink and Orange Union Jack.  
Second, her crutches. Two sets of custom crutches, one created in her brand, including unicorn. The other are her adventure crutches, we teamed up with her sponsor OS to create these showcasing her favorite cycling spot and her home town. The colours were changed to tints and shades of her brand to really bring in that Mel appeal.  
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