I recently had the pleasure of working with the Pink Sky team to create a completely new brand for a start-up company called E-drop. If you'd like to see more on this head over to Pink Sky: Here
As part of a bigger organisation, E-Drop was developed from scratch to offer a much needed service in the world of online shopping and delivery solutions.
We've decided to share some of the process that makes up the journey of creating a brand from scratch.
We start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you sing you begin with...things that have nothing to do with creating a brand.
When you create a brand you have to start with the end in mind, but you also have to be open to any amount of possibilities. Once you build the foundations at the start, everything else is built on this, so it's a crucial stage to get right.

So out come the papers and using a series of design processes and idea generation techniques we identify the core brand values and establish the groundwork for a series of brand concepts. Throughout the process from here on we will refer back to these pages to guide the tangible assets of each concept.
Once we've identified key areas like brand values, goals, definitions of the product/service, what it wants to achieve, how it will achieve it, the landscape of the industry, user profiles, brand pillars etc, we then need to work on areas such as a name for the brand. No idea is a bad idea and they all get written down and mulled over.
From here everything gets put into a presentation that is taken to the client. Each concept has a sketch or moodboard to show the potential of what each brand direction might feel like. We can’t show you whole presentation here, but we will show you some snippets.
Unfortunately we can only show the chosen concept here, for this presentation we presented six concepts in total.
Mood boards are presented to show each aspect of the brand.
From there we show some potential ideas of how these could work with their organisation.
After the presentation, and some time to think, the client came back to us with their chosen concept which we continued to develop into their final brand.
Once the brand has been finalised we create a brand handbook. This handbook educates the whole organisation on how to treat the brand and relay the company's message through all documentation, marketing, and communication used.
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