I have absolutely loved working with you! You are my most favourite pink and orange unicorn, bike riding adventure designer in the whole wide world, somehow you can read my crazy creative mind and not run away but come up with something even crazier! That’s a skill. I’ve loved everything you’ve done, your style is just perfectly bonkers, and totally on brand!  - Mel Nicholls

This is terrible news (for me not u !) but as they say "it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"...........feel free to replace "love" with any word of ur choice ! Its been great working with you and u have always made me feel like im part of the process (which i enjoy) and i will miss your flattering comments about my feedback clearly without ur input and talent, we would not be where we are. - Mehran Senei (on being told I was leaving the company)

Thank you so much for your email but most importantly thank you for you amazing work on the Chaplains for Wellbeing! You have heard my heart, been kind in creating ideas & I am sure you will flourish in your next move. - Rosie Amess (on being told I was leaving the company)
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